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For Makers

Your Plans

Are Ours.

Imagine it.Create it.Live it.

Your Canvas: The-Artery.

Redefine creative boundaries. De-refine outdated stereotypes. Do it all at The-Artery.

  • Run yoga sessions

  • Create, exhibit, sell your art

  • Take your online business offline

  • Create a pop-up recording studio

Your Space, Your Way.

As much or as little space as you want. Choose the atrium for high impact, or a pod that witnesses the inception of an idea. The-Artery’s spaces mould themselves to your creative needs. 

Find Your Pod.

We’ve created pods–or flexible containers that you can lease within The-Artery for an hour, day, week or year. Available in three different sizes and fitted with mechanical electric and plumbing, allowing you to come in and open up shop within minutes.

Co-Create & Collaborate.

We believe greatness happens when people come together. Drop by, connect with people like you in our co-working spaces, and watch your idea, no matter how big or small, evolve into something unique.

Discover The-Artery