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The-Artery is a Transformable, Multi-Use Space that Mirrors the Fluid Mind of a Maker.

It provides a stage for originality, no matter what phase a creative idea is at. Creativity can never be contained. Ideas can never be regulated. Imagination can never be controlled.

Why should the space where it all happens be any different?


The Creative Pulse – A Symbol of the Makers Movement.

The-Artery is home to creative thought and artistic expression, both in design and function. It refuses to be defined, constantly changing and catering to your needs. 26,000 square meters are integrated to form a hybrid parking garage as well as a vibrant space for artists, artisans and entrepreneurs to both create and showcase their work. From inception to exhibition. From art and fashion, to food and technology. From pop-up concepts and concerts, to co-working spaces and meeting places. 

There’s room for every kind of inspiration at The-Artery.

Built for


The creative world is changing the way it thinks. 

Through our research we’ve created a dynamic, evolving and engaging structure that challenges you to explore and discover the many ways it can be used.

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Creativity Begins with Creatives.

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